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Floridian Guest Compound

This repeat client already had a custom-built residence in Ocean Reef, Florida, that served as their vacation home. When an adjacent property became available, they bought the land and built a guest compound from scratch designed for the needs of visiting children and grandchildren. Knowing that much of the entertaining would occur on the main property, this compound prioritized the sleeping quarters, creating luxurious bedrooms and ensuite bathrooms with distinct personalities.

The home’s overall aesthetic is tropical Caribbean, with exposed structure on the walls and ceilings with unique framing details. Filled with one-of-a-kind found furnishings imported from Thailand and India and other custom-made furnishings and light fixtures, this home is a fresh take on Floridian retreat.

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An open-concept living room and kitchen combination is large enough to accommodate several families and perfect for quick meals and snacks.

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Each bedroom was designed to have distinct personality that fits with the overall tropical Caribbean aesthetic. Textured wallcoverings, unique art, and custom light fixtures completed each room's overall look.

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Architect — Clemens Bruns Schaub & Associates
General Contractor — Stathis Construction
Photography — Jessica Glynn