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Pine Lake Residence

A truly dramatic before-and-after project, this home presented a unique challenge. The Pine Lake, Wisconsin, residence—which the previous homeowners had lived in for more than 40 years—had undergone multiple additions and had an eclectic, themed décor. Rather than fully gutting the property, Andrea Goldman Design worked to create a cohesive aesthetic with the various existing millwork profiles, finishes, and hardware styles and to increase flow between the rooms. The finished product celebrates the lakeside home’s views and provides plenty of entertaining and living space, including a double-story dining room, game room, expansive kitchen, and speakeasy-style butler’s pantry.

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In lieu of a full-scale renovation, all the spaces were painted a bright shade of white, which helped to unify and modernize the home while maintaining some of its original charm and history.

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A calming palette of neutral hues and lake-inspired blues was used throughout the home, and unique light fixtures, accessories, and wallcoverings added texture and visual interest.

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General Contractor — Mike Bickler, Stonewood Companies
Photography — Michael Robinson